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Ruminations of Himemiya Anshi

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I, The Planetarium

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Just One Summer

Fanfics by Arisugawa Kumiko

A Rose In The Ruins

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Fanfics by Karla Bravo

New Beginnings

Fanfics by Jon Carp

Exit, Persued by a Bear
Hung Juri
Other People

Fanfics by Paul Corrigan

Letter to My Prince
The Rose Prince of the Mount Royal (side story to Sovereignty Associatonist Girl Nanami, in memoriam Pierre Elliot Trudeau.)

Fanfics by curbwatcher

This Is Dawn

Fanfics by Dark Ferret

Dance of Humanity
A Million Swords
Victor of the Duel

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The Art of Knowing

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Ten Years After

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4 am

Fanfics by Dreiser

The Lost Ones

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Burning Question
Step Away From Glory
Stress Fractures
The Tale of the Wedding Guest
The World's Shell

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The Burial of the Dead

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Come Into My Parlor
Oujisama ni Naritai
Signals Crossed

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The Nature of Destiny

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Someday... We Will Shine

Fanfics by Alan Harnum

As Others See Her
Oujisama ni Naritai
The Graduates
Sonata For Piano Duo
What Is Done

Fanfics by Harukami

A Cut Above the Rest (crossover with Kaze to Ki no Uta)
As Others See Her
Bois de Merveilles
Ju Te Veux
Le Ciel
Live For Me and Live Forever
No Pains No Gains

Fanfics by Jaelle

The Challenger

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April Madness
Utena's Challenge

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Sono Kanojo no Kangeki
...Sunawachi, Kiseki

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One More Revolution
The Trajectory of Falling Stars
Where the Wild Roses Grow

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All For You

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The Real Princess

Fanfics by Sionna Klassen

Shredded Rose

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Fanfics by E. Liddell

All That I've Ever Wanted
Eden's Sixth Day
Father Figure
Phoenix Under Glass
Terms of Endearment
Tetralogy I: Once Upon a Time, There was a Real World
Tetralogy II: Second Impression
Tetralogy III: And Someday, Together...
Tetralogy IV: A Lesser Life
White Fire

Fanfics by Lowdeen


Fanfics by Ana

Another Man's Treasure
The Morning After

Fanfics by Yasmin M.


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And They Lived...
Substitute for Love (Crossover with Card Captor Sakura)

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Dear Anthy

Fanfics by Lyria Moonriver

Something Vaguer Than Flesh(Movie-based)

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Some Enchanted Evening

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Illusion and Memory

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Some Nights

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Concerning Letter Writing...

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Broken Swords, Bloody Roses
Something Eternal

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The Broken Sword

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The Heart of Snow White
The Myth of the Rose

Fanfics by rabbit-chan

A Christmas Tale

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Bent, Torn, and Broken
Dead Asleep Dreamin
A Mid-Revolution Night's Dream

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Where The Rose Lies

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The Dream

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To Cry Into Silence

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Andromeda's Lament

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Secret Lovers

Fanfics by D.B. Sommer

What's More Dangerous Than Cruising an L.A Freeway?

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The Definition of Reality

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Azure Paler Than the Sky
Magic Lantern Butterfly Moth

Fanfics by Team Bonet

Books and Papers of Consequence
Elevator Music
Issho ni wa Ikaga desu ka

Fanfics by Tenjou Sailorsaturn

Is the Rose the Destiny? (crossover with Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fanfics by Ten'jou Utena

The Devil's Concubine
Now Cracks a Noble Heart

Fanfics by Ukyou Kuonji

Season of the Comet

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When the Last Teardrop Falls

Fanfics by Douglass Weeks

Sourire de dernière Rose

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Whispered Farewell